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I’m Verena

I warmly welcome you to my practice, Nutritional Rhythms.

I’m a Canadian nutritionist and registered dietitian offering online services in English and in Spanish.

My Mission is to empower individuals to align their lives with their body’s inherent rhythms, cultivating a vibrant and nourished life where eating is an intentional act of daily self-care.

About Nutritional Rhythms

Nutritional Rhythms

The name of my practice, Nutritional Rhythms, draws inspiration from the inherent rhythms of nature and the undeniable influence they have on our bodies. 

Our biological systems operate according to rhythmic patterns that cannot be ignored without consequences for our health.

These rhythms include:

  • Ultradian rhythms, recurring cycles within a 24-hour day that regulate energy, digestion, appetite, and hormone secretion.
  • Circadian rhythms, which govern sleep-wake cycles.
  • Infradian rhythms, longer cycles that extend beyond 24 hours and consist of various phases. Menstruation and pregnancy are governed by infradian rhythms.
My Commitment to You

My aim is to guide you in honoring your rhythms, delving deeply into not only your dietary choices but also your overall health, lifestyle, and environment. 

I understand the challenges of improving your health while caring for your family, maintaining meaningful connections, and excelling in your work. I empathize with the overwhelming nature of it all.

When you choose to work with me, I will guide you step by step, simplifying the complexities of nutrition and empowering you with tools to live, learn, work, and play better.

I am dedicated to establishing an authentic and individual connection with you. Together, we’ll create an environment where your voice is heard, and hope thrives.

A bit about me…

I live in Canada, in a sunny and laid-back city in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, surrounded by lakes, vineyards, and mountains.

My family, consisting of my husband and 3 children, are my life’s treasures.  Spending time with them brings me immense joy.

I take pride in my family’s vegetable garden and our lively flock of chickens. It’s so rewarding to grow our own organic produce and I’m grateful for the delightful eggs our feathered friends provide every day. 

I was born in Guatemala and spent my childhood playing and exploring in the lush tropics.

I find inspiration in the Mayan Goddess Ixchel, who embodies women and femininity in Mayan culture. She is the goddess of the moon, love, pregnancy, textile work, and medicine.


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To become a Canadian Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian (RD), I completed a comprehensive and rigorous education.

I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Health with Honours from the University of British Columbia.

Additionally, I successfully completed a dietetic internship program with Interior Health, with rotations in clinical nutrition, public health, food systems administration, and research.

These experiences enabled me to fulfill the competencies necessary to take the CDRE, a national board exam, and obtain my license to practice dietetics in Canada.

As a Registered Dietitian, I am regulated by the College of Dietitians of British Columbia, a licensing body dedicated to protecting the public. They ensure that Registered Dietitians uphold the highest standards of safe, ethical, and competent nutrition services. 

Certifications & Continuing Ed

Fertility Dietitian.

Oncology Dietitian.

Training on female physiology and nutrition in sport and fitness with Dr. Stacy Simms (WANSM).

Training on menstrual cycle awareness with The Red School.

Enrolled in class  2023/24 Women’s Functional & Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program with the New Medicine for Women Institute.

I’m a life-long learner and I am commited to continually expanding my professional expertise by participating in seminars, symposiums, and courses covering a wide range of nutrition topics and healing modalities.

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