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General Questions

Can you help me sort out which supplements I need?

If you need help figuring out which supplements are right for you, I can offer guidance. Many people feel unsure about whether they should take vitamins, minerals, protein, or herbal supplements. To help you make informed choices, I can assess the available evidence for specific supplements and provide recommendations based on your individual nutritional needs. By increasing your understanding of the substances you consume, including their functions, risks, and benefits, I can help you determine whether supplementation is necessary for you.

I know what to eat, I just can't stick to it. Can you help?

Are you finding it challenging to maintain healthy eating habits? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! There are often misconceptions about what constitutes a healthy diet, and fad diets can be tempting but not sustainable.

As a Dietitian, I’m here to help you navigate through all the confusion. My approach is grounded in science, providing reliable advice tailored to your unique needs. But it’s not just about the food – I’ll support you in making positive behavior changes and overcoming mental barriers.

And guess what? You don’t have to strive for perfection. Enjoyment is essential! I’ll help you discover delicious meal variety that doesn’t feel like a chore.

What are the benefits of paying for a consultation when I can find nutritional information online?

In today’s digital age, the abundance of nutrition information online can be confusing and conflicting. I will carefully analyze your unique circumstances and provide a personalized plan to suit your specific needs.

It’s essential to be cautious about non-registered advice, as personal experiences don’t guarantee effectiveness for everyone. Working with a registered professional offers many advantages, including debunking myths, accessing evidence-based information, utilizing valuable resources, receiving tailored recommendations, and enjoying the added advantage of accountability. 

What is the distinction between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

Registered Dietitian (RD):

  • RDs are the only regulated nutrition profession in Canada, overseen by provincial Colleges of Dietitians. The title “Dietitian” is protected by law, ensuring licensed professionals.
  • They hold a minimum 4-year dietetics degree from an accredited university.
  • RDs complete a dietetic internship or equivalent supervised practical training, gaining hands-on experience.
  • To become registered, they successfully pass the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination.
  • RDs work in diverse settings, from private practices and hospitals to clinics, food labs, and senior care facilities.
  • Their focus is on education and promoting behavioral changes for sustainable healthy eating habits. 
  • They provide personalized nutrition advice and therapy, addressing various concerns such as food sensitivities/allergies, disease-specific nutrition care plans, healthy weight loss, and family nutrition.



  • In most provinces, the title “nutritionist” is not regulated, allowing anyone to use it regardless of their qualifications.
  • There are no specific minimum requirements, meaning a nutritionist could have a university degree in nutrition, a diploma from a community college, or have completed a short online course.
Can you help me lose weight?

Maybe. I specialize in helping individuals enhance their relationship with food and prioritize positive changes in their eating habits, rather than fixating solely on weight loss. It’s crucial to recognize that weight itself is not a behavior we can directly control. Instead, by addressing how and what you eat, making positive changes can yield various outcomes, including weight loss, maintenance, or even weight gain when it promotes a healthier body.

Nutrition experts widely acknowledge that diets often prove ineffective for long-term weight loss. Recommending restrictive diets that deprive people of essential nutrients raises ethical concerns, as these approaches frequently result in weight regain and a slower metabolism over time. Moreover, dieting can have adverse effects on satiety hormones, leading to increased hunger, which hinders the achievement of sustainable, long-term results.

My approach focuses on fostering a healthy relationship with food and making sustainable dietary changes that benefit both your overall health and your weight management goals.

What languages do you speak?

I was born in Guatemala and speak Spanish fluently. I offer services in both English and Spanish.

Payments & Appointments

How is payment accepted?

Email money transfers or cash are accepted.

Where do sessions take place?

I meet with clients virtually. 

Are your dietitian services covered under provincial medical benefits or extended health?

For folks in BC, only dietitians working in public health care settings are covered under the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). But don’t worry! The good news is that most major insurance providers in BC do offer coverage for private Registered Dietitian services. 

To find out if you’re covered, just have a chat with your employer or take a peek at your employee benefits package.

What if I need to cancel our appointment?

I kindly ask for a minimum of 24-hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

Do you bill my insurance company directly?

I do not directly bill insurance companies on your behalf. I recommended you review your insurance plan or contact your provider to understand the process of submitting claims and receipts. 

You will receive an invoice for all of our sessions that you can submit for insurance reimbursement.

Are your services tax deductible?

In British Columbia Registered Dietitian services are tax deductible.

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