I am a certified fertility nutritionist & registered dietitian.

Let’s get your body ready with baby-making nutrients!

Who I Help


Are you considering starting a family soon or have you been trying to conceive without success?


Would you like to maximize the success of infertility treatments, such as IVF, IUI, or ovulation induction, with evidence-based dietary approaches?

Menstrual Cycle Irregularity

Do you face challenges with irregular ovulation and need clarity on the best dietary approach? 

How I Help 

  • I will help you feel confident and at ease, knowing that you are taking all the necessary steps to create a fertile environment in your body.
  • I will help you gain clarity on which foods to eat and which supplements to take in order to enhance the quality of your eggs and sperm.
  • I will help you learn nutritional strategies to increase the chances of successful embryo implantation and reduce the risk of miscarriage.
  • I will help you discover effective ways to manage preexisting conditions that may affect your ability to conceive.

To Achieve Fertility Goals

The Following Timeframes Are Typically Required

3 Months

To optimize egg quality and sperm health

1 Month

To prepare the uterine lining

The "2-Week Wait"

To support implantation

My goal is to assist you and your partner in optimizing fertility by


  • Educating you about your hormones and important stages in the reproductive process.
  • Implementing dietary and lifestyle interventions to improve the health of eggs and sperm.
  • Providing impactful fertility nutrition advice based on scientific evidence.
  • Providing you with meal plans and recipe collections created to enhance fertility.
  • Exploring other factors that can contribute to infertility, such as stress, sleep, and the environment.

Free Guide!

Your Guide to Nutrition & Fertility

This guide covers how macronutrients, micronutrients, blood sugar management, detoxification, and lifestyle factors can increase your chances of conception.


Working with me you can expect

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Personalized Wellness Plan

Focused on optimizing your fertility.

Supplement Protocol

A personalized supplement protocol for preconception and access to an online dispensary of professional-grade supplements.

Meal Plans

Custom meal plans and recipe collections tailored to improve your fertility. 

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Worksheets, Planners & Guides

To help you stay organized, save time and help you implement everything you are learning.


I will be checking in on you with short messages asking how you are doing. 

You can contact me via email in between sessions for quick questions.

Client Portal

Access to a private client portal that will help you stay on track by having all essential information in one organized location.

How to Get Started


Book a discovery call

We’ll discuss your dietary and health concerns and desired changes. Based on that, we’ll assess if my nutrition expertise is suitable for you. If we decide to work together, I’ll ask you to complete targeted questionnaires via a private Client Portal. 


Nutrition Consultation

We’ll assess your health, medical, lifestyle, and nutrition history, along with any available bloodwork results and current supplements. Based on this, we’ll pinpoint areas needing support and set goals. A personalized plan will be created, including nutrition education and lifestyle coaching.


After our meeting, you will receive

A consultation summary.

A personalized supplement plan.

Education materials, including worksheets, planners, and guides.

A personalized Meal Plan & Recipe Collection catering to your needs and preferences.


My Personal Connection

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) when I was 16 years old. At that time, my doctor prescribed oral contraceptive pills without providing any explanations about my condition or alternative treatment options. The only information I received was that getting pregnant would be very challenging. Hearing about the difficulties associated with PCOS filled me with fear and uncertainty about my ability to have children.

One of the reasons I decided to study nutrition was to find answers on my own. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Nutrition and Health, I hadn’t completely figured it all out, but I had made remarkable improvements in my diet and lifestyle. I continued my studies and obtained a certification as a Fertility Dietitian from the Early Life Nutrition Alliance (ELNA).

My children are the most precious treasures in my life, and becoming a mother has been an immensely transformative experience. I am deeply passionate about helping others on their journey to parenthood. 


Get Started

Book a free discovery call today!

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