Cancer Prevention &

Recovery After Cancer Treatment

Cancer Prevention

This is for you if 

  • You fear that your genetic and environmental exposures guarantee future disease. 
  • You want to take every possible step to achieve optimal health and prevent the development of disease in your body.
  • You feel overwhelmed and confused by the abundance of information available and are unsure how to implement it all.
  • You would like to receive clear, actionable steps to empower you to take all the necessary measures to prevent cancer.
Recovery After Cancer Treatment

This is for you if 

  • You have recently completed chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or immunotherapy, or have been cancer-free for several years. 
  • Your cancer treatment was aggressive, and the healing process is taking longer than expected. 
  • You are experiencing digestive issues and/or hormonal imbalances. 
  • You would like to receive clear actionable steps to empower you to rebuild your health.


Working with me you can expect

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Personalized Wellness Plan

Focused on cancer prevention and/or treatment recovery.

Supplement Protocol

A personalized supplement protocol with access to an online dispensary of professional-grade supplements.

Meal Plans

Custom meal plans and recipe collections tailored to reduce cancer risk and optimize recovery. 

black woman working on laptop in kitchen with plates of breakfast
Worksheets, Planners & Guides

To help you stay organized, save time and implement what you are learning.


I will be checking in on you with short messages asking how you are doing. 

You can contact me via email in between sessions for quick questions.

Client Portal

Access to a private client portal that will help you stay on track by having all essential information in one organized location.

How to Get Started


Book a discovery call

We’ll discuss your dietary and health concerns and desired changes. Based on that, we’ll assess if my nutrition expertise is suitable for you. If we decide to work together, I’ll ask you to complete targeted questionnaires via a private Client Portal. 


Nutrition Consultation

We’ll assess your health, medical, lifestyle, and nutrition history, along with any available bloodwork results and current supplements. Based on this, we’ll pinpoint areas needing support and set goals. A personalized plan will be created, including nutrition education and lifestyle coaching.


After our meeting, you will receive

A consultation summary.

A personalized supplement plan.

Education materials, including worksheets, planners, and guides.

A personalized Meal Plan & Recipe Collection catering to your needs and preferences.


My Personal Connection

During my teenage years, I witnessed my grandmother embark on a 20-year journey battling breast cancer, which she finally succumbed to. Concurrently, my mother was also diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. While her cancer was successfully treated through aggressive surgical interventions, it left her with physical changes, pain, confusion, and regret.

These personal experiences served as the catalyst for my professional journey as a specialized Oncology Dietitian. Since 2008, I have been providing outpatient nutrition counseling to cancer patients. With over a decade of experience in this field, I have assisted thousands of individuals in navigating the complexities of cancer treatment and managing the nutritional implications of tumors and treatment side effects. I have worked with patients with diverse cancer types and treatment modalities.

Cancer Prevention:

Considering my life experiences and genetic background, I developed a profound fear of developing cancer myself. I have made it my mission to take every possible step to prevent this disease in myself and others. Rest assured, simple nutrition and lifestyle changes can yield profound effects and your genetic predisposition and past environmental exposures do not determine your ultimate health outcomes.

Post-Treatment Support:

If you have completed cancer treatment and are now rebuilding your life, I am here to support you. I understand the fear associated with this disease and the toll that aggressive treatments can take on your body. Sometimes, the aftermath of cancer treatment can be as devastating as the illness itself. During the healing stage, it takes time to fully recover. With compassion, I will assist you in creating and implementing an anti-cancer plan tailored to your needs. Together, we will develop a targeted fueling plan and supplement protocol to restore your health ecosystem. 


Get Started

Book a free discovery call today!

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